Time Reverse Sight


The Time Reverse Sight describes a technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to allow the VR user to look into the past.

Using ultra-sensitive sensors, light particles are measured, even those that have been floating around us for thousands of years, and interpreted by AI.

Photons are reflected everywhere in the universe, as well as between the sun, moon and earth. There are also photons that move very slowly in space due to quantum gravity, similar to an aura, which apparently surround us as particles. These light particles are apparently slow because they can hardly move forward in space because they are themselves deflected by photons. This results in a certain spin.


The AI systems can also use quantum computers to interpret an image.

As this technology advances, it will be possible to see ever more precisely and further into the past and distant places.

This technology is 99% pure AI calculation. As the calculation progresses, sound becomes visible and possibly even the thoughts of each individual.


Looking into the past