Wooden satellites to defend against aliens


The concept of defending against aliens using tree trunks that are accelerated to catapult towards the target assumes that the attacker has some kind of protective shield. 

The idea is that conventional weapons or nuclear weapons can be used by e.g. ion shields are absorbed. However, a tree made of organic matter can penetrate the protective shields.

A tree trunk consists of organic matter and does not have a magnetic effect.


All weapons that are stronger require that they are made of metals and are therefore also magentic.

A shield technology would normally react with the metals and cause them to explode far in front of the target by, for example, overcharging them or simply repel the metal. Even energy weapons like a laser wouldn't penetrate an ion shield, but a tree trunk would because it doesn't react with electricity.

This is a purely hypothetical idea of how one could protect oneself from aliens if all weapons fail.

Assumptions about extraterrestrial technology:
The effectiveness of protective shields and their interaction with different types of matter is pure speculation. It is unclear whether alien civilizations even have such shields or how they would react to different materials.

Technological Feasibility:
Accelerating tree trunks to speeds that could pose a threat would be an enormous technological challenge. A method would have to be found to precisely steer and control such objects

Overall, it remains to be noted that the use of tree trunks as defensive weapons against extraterrestrial threats belongs more to the realm of science fiction and does not appear to be very practical in reality.