Neutrino bombs from the vastness of the quantum planes.


No one knows what a neutrino bomb is. It is mentioned again and again in the animated film series Rick & Morty.

Rick builds new neutrino bombs in the drunken state, which Morty later has to defuse ;)

These types of Neutrono bombs can easily be assembled with commercially available things. However, this is not discussed here.


On the contrary, another type of neutrino bomb or Higgs boson bomb can be used militarily to win conflicts even before they even arise.

I am talking about the different quantum levels. A simpler balloon consists of a certain number of atoms. The atoms again consist of a certain number of quanta. The quanta itself again consist of a certain number of exotic particles, etc. to the very depths of the subspace.

By pure calculations on the quantum computer, one could now, from the calculations, calculate the position of the balloon at different times and start a chain reaction that simply causes the balloon to burst. When and where you want.

The difficulty is of course to find the position in space/time to establish an Einstein-Rosen bridge between particles in the balloon and the quantum computer. And then, of course, one would have to know the source code for the Higgs boson in order to provoke a fusion or division of quantums at the quantum level, which comes to the relativity level to cause an explosion. If the explosion is too violent, there is a reaction on both sides and the quantum computer goes flute if it is not shielded.

Theoretically, neutrino bombs can be generated by simple calculations on the quantum computer. From a simple short circuit to the destruction of entire continents, everything is in it.

So far, however, this is just fiction.

Notre Dame bevor ein Kurzschluss ein Feuer ausgelöst hat.