Intelligent Frubber.


Frubber is skin-like and can be used as a coating for robots or androids.

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For me, intelligent frubber is the invention of the 21 or 22 century and follows.


Starting with a simple rubber skin, it could be much more advanced and even involve an entire neural network.

Thus, one could hide in the frubber itself transistors, which contain or expand the computing power of the bot.

With transistors at the atomic level, the frubber could then move itself and it would adapt to the shape, would be cutable and could also reassemble (with AI).

A mobile frubber that can divide itself and reassemble is horny, moreover it would include a neural network in its own right. The thick of the frubber would also be flexibly adaptable.

The applications then go all the way to the exoskeleton or spacesuits. Cross-schnts paralyzed people could walk again by means of AI, as if nothing had ever happened. Astronauts simply put on a face mask and go on a space walk.

People could easily transform into an animal like .B a wild boar. But be careful not to behave like a pig once the suit is off ;)

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It's just about weaving transistors into the frubber at the atomic level. What sounds simple is so far only fiction and technically extremely difficult to implement.

The Making of Sophia: Frubber® - Hanson Robotics

Furthermore, this leads to intelligent regenetal fuselage tissue.