Pure fiction that could eventually become a reality.

It is already possible to transfer a few grams of matter to another location.

However, much more research and information is needed before objects or even humans can be occupied.


Beaming is possible. This has been proven so far. However, it is questionable whether it is only a copied zusatand and to what extent it is likely to affect living beings.

Furthermore, there will always be skeptics as to whether the human soul will not be lost as a result.

What would happen if everyone could beam. The possibility that no one stops in one place for more than 2 seconds is high if everyone can beam wherever they want.

Furthermore, there is also the time-costante, which decreases in importance the further one penetrates into the quantum world. This would require an awful lot of energy to beam a large object like a human, resulting in a time shift and the formation of black holes.

Gebeamter Mensch auf einer Klippe auf einem Berg, der Yoga macht.